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Lightbulb Solex 4a1 fun..secondaries or accelerator pump

I have replaced all the electrics. The car starts and idles like a dream. When I hit the gas it bogs down but never quite dies then backfires and drives off but just does not run right and lacks power , it will even properly down shift when I stomp it but then goes slower.... I have ordered the re-build kit for the Solex 4A1 and it has been suggested on this board by those who have decades more experience than myself that my carb may be warped causing sticking on the secondaries but after much study I now think this bogginess may be related to the acelerator pump...and that the carb is not warped afterall and only needs a cleaning and a re-build with new diaphrams etc ... Could someone please pontificate on how a faulty accelerator pump may manifest itself in the running of the car and if this manifestation could be perceived as a secondaries sticking issue by those to whom I have poorly described the running of the car.. I have to theorize about it uintil I figure it out as I cannot afford to hand it off to a mechanic to throw parts at the problem.. I want to keep it original, no hollys or webbers.


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