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Mega Meet in Long Beach CA Sept 9

Sorry for the short notice. Here is the text from an email I got from Three Point Social Club:
There are 8-10 large Mercedes groups coming together for what will be the largest Mercedes event ever. There are cars coming in from out of state and as far as Mexico and Canada - so if you have a Mercedes- you and your car must be at there. This is a FREE event approved by Mercedes at the Mercedes facility on Saturday, September 9th beginning at 10am in the morning, so no excuses that it is too early.

Come out and join in the fun at the Mercedes-Benz VPC in Long Beach, CA for the BIGGEST all Mercedes- Benz Show to happen in Southern California in years. There will be music, raffles, awards, food and beautiful cars for everyone to enjoy! Dust off that gem you have sitting in the garage and bring it over to join in. All Benzís are welcome and respected. They are currently looking for 20-25 important cars to showcase center stage for this event. Rene, I know that you have some important cars in your grouping of gullwings that may be interested in getting showcased for this event and Ede, they have asked for your infamous 600 to be there. The contact person for these showcase cars is Arman (member and employee of Mercedes) and his direct number is 562.673.8197.

All of our vintages always take center staging no matter where we go, so BRING them! It should be a ton of fun seeing this many Benzís on Mercedes soil.
Please forward this to a Mercedes friend and invite them!

Additionally, we wanted to let everyone know that going forward all emails will come from Mail Chimp, a constant contact provider email service, so please be on the lookout for that in futures emails.

See you all there Ė and remember, no Mercedes left behind!

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