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It's interesting to see that most folks assume that the latest technology(concerning MB's)is limited to the drive-train! Did you know that on a newer MB, nearly every switch/button you touch is directly connected to the nearest control module(computer)? For example, a power seat switch on a late-eighties 126 has about 12-14 wires connected to it. A new S-class seat switch can perform the same functions with only 4-6 wires. The door locks, power windows, interior lights, etc are all computer controlled. About the only thing that hasn't changed is the cigarette lighter! If it weren't for "electronics" MB's would still be in the proverbial stone age. Keep in mind that these features are what MB refers to as "client driven". MB is simply satisfying demand. Hey Manny, "proper braking" to avoid lock-up is to pump the pedal as opposed to standing on it. ABS can pump the pedal much faster than any human. Traction control can intervene when you're least expecting it. Ever heard of "black ice"? ESP works by applying brake pressure only to the wheels that need it, when they need it. Let's see you apply the brakes to the right rear wheel to avoid losing control in a sudden evasive maneuver. Anyone who has experienced these conditions is sure to agree.
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