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To bash new technology seems to be a nearsighted argument. At this point i would think that both sides agree that ABS, ASR and the like are excellent innovations. However, there still seems to be a debate over more convienece oriented items, such as distronic, keyless go, as well features such as BAS and ABC.

These systems are simply further developments of technology that was already in place. Cruise control - you could argue that we are too lazy to push the gas pedal, right? But I like CC, and properly and safely used these systems can be both effective and safe. The also enhance the safety characteristics of the cars, as they relieve the driver from a certain amount of fatigue over long distances. This has been a long-standing MBZ design criteria. BAS is an excellent idea, and I wish my car had it, as well ASR, ESP, and all the other good stuff.

If MB did not produce any new techology, including convienence items, we would all complain that the company was stagnant, and the cars would be lacking in what is their best attribute: innovation.

I do not, however, need a cupholder!

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