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83 240D Manual-can't shift-- I lost 1st gear--HELP

I have been having three months of slave cylinder problems--part of the problem is I have air in the system, part of the problem is I have the wrong slave cylinder, I have the 82 model slave, not 83.
Anyway its getting so bad that I have to use my Karate on the Gear shift every time I shift, i literally have to whack it hard to get functionality . I have 2nd gear and a tenuous 50 percent shot at 3rd gear from second.
I have bled the system several times. Anyway thinking hte problem was with the Linkages, I readjusted them. Now I just have R 3 and 4 and thats how I am driving the car.

Part of the problem is I need to do the old two person Bleed on the slave but my daughter/wife wont cooperate.

Sometimes I have a snaeaking supicion the transmission is Bad. Is this possible? I can shift into FIRST gear, but it acts like this is Neutral.'

I know I have the wrong slave, but I dont think this is a factor , since I offset it by 15 degrees and used the bootom bolt to hold it in position with a washer, so I am getting normal slave play.

All 4 gears work. !st gear worked until last nite.

Please help. Do I need a new tranny or is it slave/linkage/ air related?
83 240D Manual-can't shift-- I lost 1st gear--HELP
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