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[QUOTE]Originally posted by ILUVMILS
Hey Manny, "proper braking" to avoid lock-up is to pump the pedal as opposed to standing on it. ABS can pump the pedal much faster than any human. Traction control can intervene when you're least expecting it. Ever heard of "black ice"? ESP works by applying brake pressure only to the wheels that need it, when they need it.

It has been proven, in every automotive test ever done, on dry roads " theshold " braking will result in shorter stopping distances than ABS.

On the subject of "black ice " , I like to "test" traction whenever I feel it may be suspect, unlike most morons with their SUV's, that think 4 wheel drive makes them invincible. They are always the first ones in the ditch around here.

ESP is for people with very little or no car control. What did we ever do without it ?

In short, I am 100% in favour of technology, but please don't ram it down my throat.
If given the option, I probably could have saved a few thousand dollars on my last purchase, by deleting things I don't want or need.

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