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Sounds great, but you did not post the after effects.

The womans change ends up, if she's lucky, with the plug threads in the oil pan stripped causing the plug to fall out after the next oil change. This ruins the engine in her E Class. She knows nowhere else to go, so the dealer charges $8,000 for a fresh engine.

Usually on a Friday night, I put the drain pans under the car, pull the plug and oil filter in less than five minutes.

The next morning, I replace the plug, put in new filter, add oil and pour the drained oil into the one gallon oil jugs for hauling to the recyclers once I get a few gallons accumulated and am headed to town to run errands. The Saturday morning costs me less than a half hour plus one cup of coffee.

I remain sober, out of jail and have had a chance to give everything under the front of the car a quick inspection in the process.

BTW, my wife, for her oil change, pulls her car in the driveway on a Friday night and goes about her business. I apply the same procedure to her car and she is usually ready to go by about 9:00AM on a Saturday morning. Of course, she will NEVER be ready to go ANYWHERE on a Saturday morning as early as 9:00AM, so she never even knows that the oil was changed, nor does she care.

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