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Mike, at least you're not one of those cupholder guys :p I think the ultimate question here is where to draw the line. Is there a line? Are we going to see MB with a urination system in the next 10 years so it's more "convenient" and you don't have to pull over? Personally, I like my cruise control. However, it seems to me that Distronic, like others, is an unnecessary complication of a good system. Also, if the traffic is heavy enough to where you have to speed up/slow down....I think that the guy ought'a have his own foot on the gas and brake! Pay attention to the road. Just one more reason not to. I think the main point is that these complicated systems, whatever they may be, break. Pure and simple. And then they are $$$$ to fix. And as one made the point earlier....then where's the convenience when it's in the shop?

Manny makes the best point in my opinion. If you want the technology, you want to pay for it, and you want to fix it, you should have that choice.....but if you don't want it, you shouldn't have to have it either!
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