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Hello all,
Today I test drove a 1972 350SLC Euro with a 4 speed manual. The car has about 66000 miles that look original. Velour interior almost 100% perfect, original radio, all power windows work well, A/C works excellent basically a very original solid car, very tight without any unusual noises. Car is on its second owner and was imported to San Francisco by the original owner.
Problems found: 1)Clutch engaging very low, pedal almost to the floor. I think most likelly it needs a new clutch/pressure plate. Has anybody had any experience with the cost of replacing the clutch on these.

2)Noticed a slight tappet noise coming from the passenger side head. My 1980 450sel has hydraulic lifters and does not require adjustment, I believe all M117 engines up to 1978 or 79 need valve adjustments, is that correct?

Asking price $6500, I think it's high. I was thinking to offer around $3500-$4000, any opinions? I really liked the car and with the manual 4 speed it has a total diferrent feel to it.
Thank you and regards,
Joe Brasileiro
1980 450sel
1987 Jaguar xj6
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