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Red should go where you connected it.
Black should go where the green wire now connects. (you can splice black to green if that makes it easier or buy a connector so black wire will plug into the switchgear. The green wire likely has shielding that is grounded at the switchgear, so just keep the black wire from contacting that.

All wire sets designed for these cars have copper core and very low resistance. Pertronix says they should not be used with Pertronix II.
You cannot use solid core (typically copper) spark plug wires with this product. Solid core wires do not suppress electro magnetic interference (EMI) which will interfere with electronics in this product. A suppression style or spiral wound spark plug wires must be used.
To use the Pertronix II, you would need to source a set of non-copper wires. If they have high resistance, then you may also be faced with changing to the higher voltage Flamethrower coil and likely bypassing the switchgear. There are also other issues that would need to be addressed. Some owners have used the Pert II, but I just don't know the details of what they did and how well it worked.

For simple points replacement that you were aiming at, the Pert I works fine with existing plug wires, coil and switchgear. It may best to try and do an exchange , or just stay with points!
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