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Originally posted by stevebfl:
Seems Californians will pay a lot for old cars. The 3-4000 figure for a grey market 28 year old would be more likely, BUT it is kinda special. If it suits you none of those prices are high for a good piece of equiptment.

The clutch more likely has a hydraulic problem, if it was worn the pedal would be high.

Yes, it does have valves to adjust as do all V8's till the 1976 model year. All cars with CIS fuel have hydraulic lifters, those with D-Jet need to be adjusted.

Steve, thanks for the reply.
Regarding the clutch issue, maybe I wasn't clear in my original post, what I meant by a low pedal was that the pedal sits high in its normal position but to shift you have to press the pedal almost to the floor. I have driven a couple of 116/107 with manual boxes the the pedal is quite soft and does not require you to press almost to the floor to shift. Do you still think it is a hydraulic problem?
If yes, could it be air in the system, contaminated fluid or maybe a bad slave cylinder?
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