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Unhappy W126 Euro light frustration

Had a terrible morning at my shop today what with my mechanic and I trying to figure out the correct way to wire the 6-pin euro connectors. The DEPO lights don't come with any instructions ( ugh ) . Our first and only attempt resulted in the fogs coming on when the low beams were selected and vice a versa. At which time my mechanic got a bit snippy and more or less blew me off by saying he wouldn't do it unless I could provide the correct diagram. I did have a pin/color assignment written up by a member here ( barrie ) but it was for a W124 conversion. I felt we probably could have sorted it out had one of us know what color wires corresponded to the lowbeams and fogs but I wasn't sure and he was in a pretty surly mood.

I've done many a search here about Euro's and most of the info pertains to W124's and other models.

My situation begs two questions...

Can anyone here provide me with the correct wire color to pin# diagram for W126's?

Also, Will the USA wipers fit with the DEPO's without having to fabricate any brackets or redrilling the panel below the lights?

I really appreciate any feedback on this as I'm resigned to selling them if I can't sort this out.
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