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Leon Hernandez
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Hey guys, got my 300SD up and running again and have a Bosch pump with a dead #3 on in the injector. Here the question hate to use it as a paper weight, wife ain't crazy bout oil stains so what's the value for sale/core/recycle to a injector shop?
AND does anyone have any suggstions as to who may be interested in it? The vehicle had 161k when the pump gave out on the # 3. Suspect dirty tank after talking with the folks at Atlanta-Stuttgart.

Also am selling the 300SD Ain't got room fer 3 vehicles sigh. Any takers near the Houston area? :} Thanks for the info and yeah a MB blow out in Georgia would be great!!! )

93 F-150 4X4 110k still strong(them oil changes pay off!)
86 Ninja 1000 60k(sold)
85 300SD 168k
94 C280 58K (what a blast to drive, 100+ easy)
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