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Permatex makes a 'high temp' Anti-seize paste with copper in it. Perhaps that is what you are looking at.
Temperature range: -30F to 1800F
Suggested Applications:
Spark plug threads installed in aluminum, exhaust manifold bolts, engine bolts, oxygen sensors, knock sensors, thermostat housing bolts, fuel filter fittings, and battery cable connections.

The 'regular' anti-seize contains a lot of aluminum.
Temperature range: -60F to 1600F
Suggested Applications:
For easy removal of spark plugs, cylinder head and exhaust head bolts.

Then there is the 'super high temp' Nickel Anti-Seize:
Protects metal parts from seizing and galling at temperatures up to 2400F.

Note, however, that brake use is NOT a suggested application for any of these. Link to Permatex products

They do make Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lube for this purpose, which has a full synthetic base.

I use this stuff from CRC/Sta-Lube:
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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