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Yes I can see that.

Frankly I wasn't too impressed with his method of operation as described. He said he did it because his neighbor ran a restaurant and gave him the oil.

He said "I let it sit for a couple days, and then there's a 10 micron filter under the hood".

I'm still a neophyte to WVO, and more interested in a backup/grid down fuel, but I was shocked by that. Everything I've heard to date was more along the lines of "Let it sit for 6 months. and use a 1 micron filter before it even goes in the tank.

I'm also aware running it comes with consequences. Note I said I had TWO 83 SDs - one to drive and one for parts - most notably the injection pump and injectors, and I won't necessarily stop at two.

Conversely, if anyone within striking distance of Atlanta has an E300D with a ratty cream interior and wants to do SVO/WVO, I can hook you up. Also, curiously for a $900 car, it had super cold air.
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