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No beer, but I had enough adventure changing oil last Friday night to last me for a while.
I was following Larry's advice and drove the car into the garage last Friday night. Put it up on stands and set up everything to drain the oil. I use a large funnel and let it run into a 1 1/2 gallon plastic bottle. Pulled the plug and let her drain. Watched it for a little and it all seemed to go so well.
Got a call so left it to drain for the night. All looking good there. Came back next morning and there was about 7 quarts of oil on the floor. The funnel had some goop in it, (little brother drained something in there) and I did not see it. It filled up and then tipped over.
So I got to spend the day cleaning my garage floor, and everything around it. Still have more to clean.
Lesson learned is not to trust anything, no matter how simple it appears.
Still good advice Larry. Maybe beer would have helped, no... Maybe a glass of Chardonney. It always goes well with Delvac.
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