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On the original question, in your shoes I'd run away. The E300 OM606 is a far different engine than your OM617, and it sounds like this car has been REALLY abused. 126 SD cars with OM617 are usually cheaper than 123 300D cars, you can find decent examples for $2k or $3k.

Years ago when I looked into using biodiesel, the deal-killer for me was the time investment required - running the numbers, #2ULSD was way less expensive that processing bio. Using SVO or WVO, the hardest part was the iodine level in the oil. Particles can be filtered, water can be removed, and heating helps with the viscosity, and frequent cleaning or switching back to #2 can help with the polymerization (sp?). However, if your stock of WVO or SVO has too much iodine, I could not find a way to deal with that, and eventually it will kill the engine.
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