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Batteries are one of those things that aren't made like they used to be. Most manufacturers are cheaping out as much as possible. A battery that looks identical to one you had from 10 years ago likely has less plates, or thinner plates, or other internal changes to save cost that will result in a much shorter life.

For this reason I buy the cheapest I can find, such as a blemish for $35 or a WalMart value brand for $50, or the top of the line I can find that's made in the US. Anything else - such as a $150 Advance or Autozone gold - is made by the same maker as the $35 blemish and will last just as long. There is no true "Mid range" battery anymore.

May sound like a rant, but trying to help educate here. The AGM Duracell and Bosch and MB batteries are probably top of the line and made by the same manufacturer that makes most OEM batteries. Many auto makers, like MB, Ford, and Chrysler source top-tier batteries for their cars. Some others source bottom-tier batteries (Conjecture here but I hear stories of GM batteries lasting only 2-3 years).

East Penn (ex: Deka, Duracell), Exide (ex: Interstate), and Johnson Controls (ex: Optima, Energizer) make most of the batteries in the US market. Autozone, Advance, WalMart, Sam's, Sears, and nearly every brand / store you can think of get their supplies from one of these three.
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