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Fixed rough idle, 380sl and steering play, read!

I went in for a full tuneup on my 380SL hoping the rough idle would go away... Well after the tuneup the car continued with the rough idle. The mechanic after a lot of checking saw that the seals on the fuel injection were worn and letting in air, so I had a vacum leak and also the vacum advance was also shot. If you have a vacum leak your car will not idle correctly... Check for vacum leaks before spending a lot of money fixing injectors etc... Also he got rid of the play in my steering, the car is running like new. If you have play besides changing all the worn parts on the steering box a good mechanic can do an adjutment and it has to be counter clock wise. It has to be this way or you will get to much play... Counter clock wise... I hope my expensive experiece will save somebody some money and time. In the Miami area I recommend Nano Auto repair on 32 Ave and Sw 10st. The owner Emilio is very fair and I think he learned a lot with my car, 305-443-8164...
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