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I can't tell much from the pictures, but it is more likely the timing cover that is leaking and weeping along the seam between head and block.

The timing covers are a common leaking area on these engines. When they do leak it is typically a VERY minor leak as appears in your pictures.

I would recommend that you clean the area thoroughly and drive it a week or so. You will then be able to tell more about where it is coming from.

BTW, if it is a leaking head gasket, tightening the head bolts will do no good. In fact due to the fact that these are stretch bolts, you could cause problems by tightening them. There is no need to do anything about it as long as it is only a minor oil leak. If it is a head sealing problem, don't mess with it until it gets to a point of oil in coolant, coolant in oil or loss of compression.

I wouldn't get too amped up about it just yet.

Good luck,
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