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240d Evaporator

I plan to replace the evaporator and receiver then have the shop vacuum and refill the system with r12.

I have searched to archives here but need more detailed info on pulling the dash and getting to the evaporator. Any suggestions? I find comprehensive CD repair manuals on ebay for Mercedes covering "most models" for about $20. Does anyone know anything about these?

Fastlane tells me that I need a Heater Housing number to order the part. I see no such number with a flashlight. My only option is to buy both units and return the one that I don't need. Any ideas?

Does anyone know where I might find a sealant for the housing?

I thought about replacing the heater core while I am in there. I have gotten a whiff of antifreeze before I dumped Bars Leak in. Fastlane does not have the part. Does anyone know where I might find the part aside from the dealer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am tackling this one. I realize that this is an enormous task but I have no choice as this wonderful car is not worth much here in Charlotte without AC and the cost for a professional repair will pass the value of this little gem.

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