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Charlie Mitchel
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Jiffy Lube {not for me.}
I go to Sam's buy Case of oil {6 gal} for $24.00 est. Buy six filter at a time.
Pull car in hot lay down on pavement with 13mm wrench and oil pan. Pull plug, loose fill cap, pull filter and replace with new and o-ring with oil. Put fill cap on clean rag in drivers seat as reminder {to add oil dummy.} Go about my business for hour then reinstall drain plug. Add two gallons, pour old oil in to empty's and mark jug USED, replace oil filler cap. Crank her up till pressure, check for leaks, check oil level and all other fluids.
One thing I left out I use those cute little blue glove's and don't have a drop of oil on me. I didn't jack the car up just slid under enough even with my fat belly. Have Topsider never use it. This way is faster and as Larry said I can inspect the underside of car for any other problems.
If I ever have the good fortune to buy a newer Benz with the plastic underpinning. I will measure to the oil drain plug and cut underpinning with hole saw and install a rubber plug to get to plug. No way I would pull that every time.
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