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Thanks Arthur.

I will take a look for missing vacuum lines.

Do you think a slowly dying O2 sensor could be the problem as well?

Thanks for all the help. I'll keep you posted.

Originally posted by Arthur Dalton
When the system can not correct due to it being at limit , it
is best diagnosed with diagnostic equipment ..
However, a DIYer look around of all vac hoses for breaks/disconnects is where you can start...the common 104 places are the hoses running in front of the engine to the switch-over-valves and AIR pump.
Best to go to Search feature to find these locations..
Same for the fuel pressure regulator... there are several threads on that..
It also has a vac hose . If you disconnect the hose and see dripping is faulty.
Again, these are just simple possibilities that you can look for , but after that, the proper Data/Tech diagnosis is recommended
if you do not have Meters/exper. etc....
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