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Pictures don't always tell all...The leak is not totally minor (as obviously cannot be seen in the photos) It is quite wet.It does leak along the seam as you say Larry, but quits along the way and goes gravity down the block (ha ha). Actually the oil pan is quite wet, which is how I noticed it to begin with. In the picture however, the oil just makes the Block appear nice shiny and dark.
I did suspect the timing chain cover but could not detect the leak in front of the engine even after cleaning and waiting a couple weeks before approching the forum on this.
I will try looking again and do hope it is the timing chain cover, rather than Oil & Water. I will gladly not get too amped about this just yet, but
In any event this unfortunately does not appear to be a three year waiting in the wings kind of a leak.

Thanks Larry and G-Benz. Allways a pleasure.
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