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True...most of the Mercedes owners lowering their vehicles are more interested in acquiring a "look" than performance. But these automobiles, for the most part, are put to use on the public roads, not a track...
Although I have owned a number of performance Mercedes including an E500, two 500E's, several SL500's, a 16 valve, and various other less sporty models, anyone interested PURELY in performance will choose the new M5, not an E55, an ///M3, not a C36, etc. My intention is NOT to put down Mercedes performance, but to exemplify Mercedes owners purchase for the ENTIRE "package" including safety, longevity, build quality, heritage, prestige (some more than others), and that "carved-from-granite" feel, not just performance. "LOOKS" also happen to be a very nice part of the Mercedes "package."
I'm sure this will provoke several heated responses, but if anyone traveling a long twisty road would prefer to drive the overweight SL500 rather than an ///M Roadster or better yet, the new Z8, I would be interested in the performance-related argument.

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