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Originally posted by brianw
Flash, I wish I knew what to tell you. As pentoman said, there so many stories out there similar to yours, I can only hope other dealers are treating their customers the same way...unacceptably! How is this allowed to continue and where is MBUSA on all this. I just posted a response about the mysterious score card. I have never received one of these cards. Has anyone? How are we supposed to amke sure the people who spend $35,000 - $200,000 for an automobile are heard?

Very frustrating and I really fell for you as there is not much more frustrating than wasting time at a dealer.

Tell them your true feelings about how you were person.

Best regards.
Thanks for your empathy The dealer told me the car was aligned and nothing in the front end was damaged. It had to be a pretty strong jolt to knock the steering wheel off center!!! To be honest, I am not sure they are telling me the truth. Because the person who did the damage never came forth to tell the management about it until I brought it to their attention. No apologies were extended from the assistant service manager who handled the whole ordeal. They have lost my trust in them. I am seriously thinking of bringing my car to an independent to have a good look at it.
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