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I am looking for information on how to test what part of the system is bad. I pulled the inst. cluster out and discovered that the odometer is electrical and not mechanical. That leads me to one of two problems, either the sending unit from the transmission or the odometer itself. I cannot find any technical data on how to determine what is wrong. I might also add that my unit seems to have numerous electrical problems. They started with the radio. The tape deck never worked. Then I started experiencing a dead battery and tracked that back to the ignition switch which kept all circuits hot so I replaced it. Then there was a static noise coming from the radio speakers even when the radio was off. Then the radio quit altogether and when it did the antenna kept going up and down and drained the battery. I pulled the fuse to the radio and that stopped the battery drain. Somewhere in there the odometer quit. Then the fuel guage would not go to Full, goes a little over 1.2 way and stops. I don't know if these are all related or just coincidence. I almost think I have a short, but feel that it was in the radio as nothing more has gone wrong since I disconnected it. I have a strong suspicion that the car was stolen, gutted and reassembled.
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