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W124 Headlight Rim/Door Replacement

I just did this job last weekend on my '88 300E. It is a fairly easy DIY job. First, raise the hood and take out the turn signal lens. You will see two screws that will need to be removed. One is behind the turn signal lens, which is why it must be removed. BTY, the turn signal lens is removed by pressing slightly on the clip at the back of the lens and pushing the lens toward the outside of the car. Once removed you will see the screw. The other screw is on the other end of the headlight door. Remove both screws.

Next you will need to turn down the headlight wiper blade and remove it. Once the wiper blade is removed you will need to remove the body panel directly below the door/rim. Once you have the body panel out you can proceed with removing the door/rim. There are four clips that hold the door in place, two on the top and two on the bottom edge. The clips can be gently pushed up too release the door/rim. The most difficult part of the entire process is reaching the two lower clips getting them to release. There is a rubber skirt along the bottom of the headlight assembly that will need to remove. Simply reverse the instructions to reinstall.
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