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This is not on a Benz, but this worked for me on the AC belt of a Nissan Hardbody which are notoriously picky with V belts. All belts were new and tension was good. What you're going to read seems counter intuitive, but it if you're going to change the belt anyway, which is where I was, you've got nothing to lose.

I saw a video on the YouTubes where a guy said to spray the belt with 303.

I couldn't find my bottle of 303, so I used Mother's VLR which is similar and smells the same with more cleaning ability. Squirted a good bit on all sides of the belt with the motor running and the AC off. When I turned on the AC it was improved considerably, but would squawk for about half second when the compressor kicked on. The following day, DEAD SILENT. This lasted for about a month until I noticed a little chirping at idle. Sprayed some more product on it and it quieted down again.
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