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Originally posted by ILUVMILS
Thom, I read your post several times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. On your car, I can assure you that the contact ring and brushes have no influence over the ABS. The "rings and brushes" only provide an electrical connection for the drivers' airbag and the horn. The person you spoke with was probably thinking of something else. Your ANTILOCK light could be coming on due to several things. When does it come on? Immediately after start-up? While driving? Is it an intermittent problem? More info!!!
It comes on now and then especially when I go around a corner. Sometimes it comes on when I'm steering straight ahead as well, so who knows? However, it used to come on all the time until I replaced the front brake pads. Now the ANTILOCK light only comes on occasionally. I replaced the OVP last year so that's not it either. I've read many opinions on this in the archives here but I'm still scratching my head. Your guess is as good as mine.
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