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Are you in Connecticut

Hey, if you live in Connecticut I would love to help you do this project. I just did one on a 190e what a difference in look and lighting much brighter. I agree with someone had mentioned earlier about the DOT and their bureaucracy. But all you need is a volt meter and know how to use it. What I did was unplug the original 4-prongs, the brown wire is usually the ground, you can check it by measure the resistance of the brown wire against the car metal body, it should read less than one Ohm. The other three wires are for Fog lamp, low beam and high beam. You then one at a time turn the switch from the car to low beam, then go and measure the voltage whichever wire has approx. 12Volt is your low beam. do the rest the same way and this is how you identify which wire is what. You then transfer the info you have onto the 6-prongs.
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