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Lightbulb repainting driver's side rear door in Vancouver, BC


Sorry in advanced if this is posted in the wrong place...but I couldn't really decide where it fit under Anyhow, while my car was parked in a parking lot, somebody knicked my driver's side rear door...there is a noticeable penny size indent...and in the center of it...the paint has been chipped so you can see white...against my black car, it looks very obvious...

I went to a bodyshop called "Korva" in Vancouver, BC...which is highly recommended by a friend...first, has anybody heard of this bodyshop? They sure charge a lot for painting a simple door...their price seems to double even the Mercedes-Benz body shop...I was planning on taking the car to the Mercedes-Benz bodyshop in Richmond, BC, but I decided against it...I was told Korva's work is much better...and probably the best around town...any second opinion would be welcome...

The thing is, I am a little worried about how the painting process will go...I was told it would be a full disassembly of the door, repaint, and then reassembly...other than the paint finish, the other things I am worried about are:
1) the clips that hold the inside door trim - from reading the board, it seems they break easily...
2) the plastic weather cover - from reading the board, it seems it is held on by some adhesive...can it be reused after taken off?
3) electronics

Obviously, the paint finish outside, I can see easily when I go pick up the car...but the clips, the plastic weather cover, and the electornics I cannot visibly inspect so easily...I am worried that if a clip they would handle it...and if they weather cover is they would handle it...and how they would re-apply the weather cover...I mean, I would hate to know they used masking take to re-stick the plastic cover back on the door...anybody can provide any insight/notes into the whole painting/disassembly process? Thank you...
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