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I'm losing you on your english translation of your problem, so let me see if I can figure our what you are experiencing.

My 190E is making a thumping noise when I drive from the rear.
I believe you mean you hear this noise when backing up or when transmission is in "R" or "Reverse".

I took the disc breakes off and there is some noise there when I turn it, it also seems to be coming from the e-brake pads.
Did you just take the wheels off and rotate the disc (or rotor) "by hand"? If you heard noise, then I am assuming you did not remove the brake caliper when doing so.

I want to remove these and drive a bit to see if this really is the problem just to be sure.
Not a good idea... . You can unbolt the caliper and move it away from the disc and rotate by hand again to see if noise goes away. If if does, you may just have a broken spring clip, or excessively worn pads.

You can inspect pad wear without removing anything except the wheel. If it's less than 1 cm, you are due for replacement.

On another tangent...if your brakes are not the true source of the noise you are hearing, it might be a suspension component or a driveline bushing of some sort...but I'm not an expert in that area...sorry.
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