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Funny how the brain works (my brain, anyways). In my 1986 2.3-16V, the climate control thumbwheel reads degrees-C and is color-coded (blue/cold to red/hot). My LCD outside temperature display reads degrees-F (just now thought of it; is this "settable" to "C" or "F"?). Anyways, glancing at the outside temp is no problem (i.e. - no translation required), but when I glance at the thumbwheel, my brain registers the color setting, not the (degrees-C) number setting. Anyone else notice themselves doing this? I guess that's why they have idiot lights vs. actual gauges nowadays. "Most" idiots can recognize a red light as "not good", but can't tell that a coolant temp reading of 300-degrees (F) means your pistons are about to seize. Just rambling . . . sorry.

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