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I finished up the final portion of getting my Euro lights in good shape. With standard 55/60 H4 bulbs AND PROPER ADJUSTMENT, these lights are beyond description.

It's ALL in the reflector shape. If you have 124 Euro lights already and still are not happy, then my suggestion is to start working on adjusting them properly.

I drive under what I believe to be about the worst night time driving conditions you will encounter. Way out in the country, narrow & winding farm roads with LOTS of deer and other wildlife to dodge. It is 20 miles of this road to the highway. I traverse that road twice daily, and in the Winter it is dark in both directions.

Under these conditions, my standard bulb, properly adjusted Euros ABSOLUTELY GET THE JOB DONE!

Even using relays and beefing up wiring, you will still have extra heat inside the lamps that must be dissipated. The 80/90's that were in another set of Euro lights that I had for a different car had melted wiring and plastic inside the assemblies. Do you really want to risk your expensive Euro lights like this?

I realize that in the Star magazine they outlined doing this upgrade, but I personally see it as an upgrade that will shorten the life of your headlights.

My $0.02,
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