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This morning I was going to the grocery store and everything was fine..I come out to go home and the car didn't take off right..Seemed to be stuck in second gear. When it shifted to 3 the transmission slipped really bad..It won't downshift into 1 now when I take off unless I manually shift it and when it goes from 2-3 it almost goes into neutral..All other up and down shifts and reverse seem okay..What could have happened all at once? It was really strange..The transmission has never given any trouble and no warning to this. It is a 1984 300SD with 185,000 miles..I am scared to death to even think of finding a trustworthy transmission shop here in Austin. I shudder to think what the dealer would want, and my usual shop will only install factory rebuilds..Any suggestions? I checked the vacuum, it is okay and I checked the shift cable, also okay..Fluid level fine. Thanks in advance!!!! John
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