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Question xenon lamps

There are several types of blue xenon lamps available now, are these ok for my 1994 C180 Benz? I am referring to the actual blue bulb replacing the original bulbs. The blue bulbs give a much brighter bluish/white light than the original which gives a yellowish light. It has 55W bulbs now, can it take the 75W or 100W without damaging the lens or reflectors in the lamp? I'll have to check the legal limits too over here. 100w may be too bright for town driving at night, but in the country it will be an advantage. I have the clear headlight stickon film on my headlamps called stonguard or something. The cheapest set of 2 pcs goes for A$35 and are from Asia. The clears go from A$8 to 12 each.
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