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Cool front hood/bonnet protector

I am still searching for this hard clear plastic/acrylic clip-on protectors for my W202 which has been badly covered with stonechips on the front edges. It is a very expensive job for a total sand down to metal and respray several coats. I have done this already and need something better than the clear plastic sheet stick-ons which I feel are not good enough when bigger stones come off the tyres of trucks in front and also 4 wheel drives with larger spaced thread(X country tyres used on normal roads). Its been almost 1 year since I first asked for these and it seems that they are only made for the higher volume cars from Japan and Korea. Could someone out there make some for Mercedes cars and you will make a few $$$$ and monopolize the market. I have bought the stick-ons, but had to wait for the 6 month curing period which is now up and find it difficult to do the job myself due to the many curves on the front of my car. The film cost me A$50 to get. There is no leeway for any errors to be made as they are not custom cut, just a blank sheet to D.I.Y.
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