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Smile 87 190e 8v needing attention...

Hello everyone!

I have an 87 190e with several small problems. Okay, some are bigger, and I am thinking of changing engines out but I'll leave that for later. I really want to fix this car up because I really love it... It's a great car, and it has saved my life and that of my wife not once...but twice(80mph avoidance of TWO cars that came at me from different sides meant doing an emergency S in the road to avoid the cars--The car turned and handled the turn so well, that it didn't slide or lose control, but pushed down hard enough at the corners that it split the tire). Anyway, I REALLY want to work on this car, and not dump it just because it's getting old.

First problem, heater motor doesn't work anymore, it was random but now it's Extremely rare for it to turn on at all. The fuse is fine(Don't know about this strip fuse, if it's that thing in the little black case, then it's fine). I'm assuming brushes, but I'll be damned if I can figure out where the thing is, and my haynes manual is missing. I also need to take out the area around the fan control because it is stuck on high. I need detailed instructions on how to get to the blower motor to test it for brushes, and how to get the fan control cover off. Pretend I'm an idiot.

Second problem: There is a kind of rattle sound(sounds like a dime or something) in the shifter area, I pulled up the plate but couldnt' see anything. If I put my hand on the shifter and kind of keep it snug, it stops. Any ideas?

Third problem: One of my cam lobes is looking worn, I'm thinking about replacing it, but was wondering if I need to go ahead and adjust valves and the like while I'm at it. 8valve overhead.

Anyway, any help would be extremely appreciated.
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