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Originally Posted by P.C. View Post
Do you live in a "one-party consent" state? If not, it might be illegal to record the dogs without their permission.
The majority of real estate contracts site a clause that guarantees "quiet enjoyment of the premises" which includes the right to peace and quiet. I've walked my neighborhood and have yet to come across any house that has any animals that come even close to barking at the volume level I've endured over the years. IMHO, my neighbor's dogs are the loudest dogs in the neighborhood, bar none.

I had to ask some questions about the situation of the realtor. Seems most people think they should call the police when in reality, the city is the big hammer when it comes to barking dogs. Since her real estate sales commission is predicated upon the SUCCESSFUL sale of the property, she has a vested interest in presenting the property in the best light possible.

She's dealt with many dog issues over the years and assures me this one is a no brainer.....
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