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I was on my way to the airport to pick up my wife and daughter yesterday. Just as I was
entering the parking ramp and had to wait for a gentleman exiting a stall, I noticed it
was really quiet...No A/C fan noise, No cold air...I parked it and ran into the terminal.
Upon returning I verified that under no circumstances was the fan working. As we left the airport and got up to highway speeds
I did notice cool air being pushed thru the vents, but still no fan. We arrived home and I was distracted for a few hours. I checked the fuses- all ok. I started the car and pulled the car into the garage around 10pm and the fan worked fine !!!! Spooky !
Last week I had my engine wire harness replaced. There was heat damage and it was causing an intermittent shorting. Car sounded like it was missing on two occasions.
Has Anyone seen this type of behavior?

Bryan Harter
92 500E Smoke Silver
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