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Originally Posted by HuskyMan View Post
My grandmother raised and trained German Sherpherds as security dogs for the United States Air Force. She and other security dog trainers say that the best security dog only barks when their is an intruder present. Non-stop barkers are NEVER taken seriously by anyone.

Kinda like a car alarm that goes off ten times a day, it gets a no-never-mind from the neighbors.

Grandma was so successful in the security dog training business she bought a brand new Cadillac each and every year of her life. I miss her and her well-trained, well-behaved dogs very much......
My dog is by no means trained but he's not a barker unless he hears someone outside or a knock on the door. I think its more a GSD thing. My dog is a GSD Husky mix and I rarely hear him bark. I thank the lucky stars for that.
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