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Dog barking is a behavioral issue. Most large-breed dogs aren't really of sound enough mind to train properly until they're about a year old, so barking up to that point is just a part of life unfortunately. Once they're 12 months old you can start working with them and training them what they can and cannot bark at, but it'll take until they're 16-18 months old to "stick" and become an "automatic" behavior.

After they're 18 months old if they're still barking it's all the owner's fault. A bark here and there is to be expected (they're a dog for God's sake...), but the dog should self-silence without going into a barking fit.

My 1 year old is currently undergoing "bark training". Unfortunately the 9 year old has figured out that she can bark a couple of times and set him off so he gets in trouble. She's getting "bark training" as a result and she isn't happy about it! Too bad, so sad, sweetheart. If he can't bark, neither can you! (she's never been a barker)
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