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You should do three things. First, talk to the guy and tell him his dogs are making your life miserable and that he must do something about them.

Second, if he doesn't respond to your complaint call the Humane Society or whatever group in your town deals with neglect of animals. Complain that your neighbor doesn't adequately care for his dogs. He leaves them in the backyard and doesn't give them adequate exercise and all they do is bark and disturb the neighbors. In some areas of the country, enforcement authority has been delegated to the Humane Society and they have been give authority to swear out criminal complaints. When they have that authority someone in that organization thinks its his mission in life to make life miserable to those who neglect pets. They may even take the dogs from him. These are the laws of the District of Columbia on this subject:

Third, call the police at the same time to complain that the dogs are barking. Make multiple complaints call them every time the dogs bark. Get the police out there in the middle of the night if that's when they are barking.

If your neighbor retaliates in any way, go to the prosecutors office and make a criminal complaint against the guy.

If this neighbor has made your life so miserable that you want to sell your house, return the favor. Fight back. You have a lot of tools.

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