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Cool What does %90 Duty Cycle indicate?

Hello all,

The car: 1988 260E (103.940 non-CA engine) 150K miles

In an attempt to resolve my intermittent throttle response problem, I measured the output at pin 3 of the diagnostic port. Here is the output voltage I got:

Ignition on, engine off: 3.5 volts or 70% duty cycle steady
Ignition on , engine running and hot: steady 1 volt or 90% duty cycle

I am sure this indiactes a problem but I am not sure what.

The same measurements on my '86 300E (103.983 non-CA engine) were 70% when engine off and hovering 50% (7 volts) when engine running which I think it's normal.

Any ideas?

BTW, where is the throttle Valve Switch located? I see the connector but where is S29/2.

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