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Adjusting shift points on 190e automatic

I am wondering if there is an external wayto adjust the shift points on the 1984 190e 2.3l automatic tranny? the 2-3 shift occurs at 3000 rpm and the 3-4 happens at about 3600, id like to lower the 3-4 shift point to about 3000 but dont know how. I was changing the adjustment on the control pressure cable and that helped immensly with hard shifting. I found out a few things in the process of messing with the cable, when it is pulled almost all the way out that the adjuster will allow, the tranny seems as though it is in first gear start mode, and shifts very early and rapidly thru the 4 gears. when the cable is adjusted to its loosest position, with the adjuster almost as far as I am able to turn it inwards the tranny seems very sluggish with its shifts and does not want to get into 4th gear. also when the cable is adjusted either out or in to the extent I had it the shifts are harsh and hard, I was able to find the sweet spot by adjusting the adjuster barrel inwards 1 turn per tryout focusing on the tranny shifts.
190e 2.3L
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