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Smile A little fuel injector advice please?

Had a wonderful weekend tuning (idler arm kit, voltage reg, assorted filters, etc) and getting ready to plan next weekend's fun. Fuel injectors.....

'Big Blu' is a 1988 420sel with 167k pampered miles. The car runs idles so perfectly you have to focus to tell its running but sometimes it takes several seconds to roar to life. Lately I've also noticed a little whiff of gas occassionally on start up. The weather has just started getting nice so I'm not sure if its been there a long time and I just idn't notice because I had the windows rolled up or if it's a new thing.

So this weekend I started poking around. I checked the infamous EHA and it looks fine but I noticed a bit of moisture (gas) around one of the fuel injector seats. Then I thought that might also explain my slightly slow start if it was sucking a little air in there too. Either way, it deserves quick attention so I don't risk a fire under the hood.

Anyway, I'm too much of a cheapskate to replace them :p and it doesn't seem neccesary since my performance is otherwise fine. Obviously, I do plan to clean them since I'll be in there to reseal and remount them.

I haven't pulled one off a MB before, and I would love any advice folks have to offer. Is it too dangerous to drive it in this condition? Are there any tricky problems to avoid? Special tools? What cleaners would folks recommend? and is there anything else I should do/check while I'm there?

1988 420SEL 170K
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