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Hi All,

I have just ordered a new radiator and turbo to sump line oil seals from the mercedesshop for my 300TD-T, and made search for radiator change hints. I think I have most of information I need except...

I read sometime ago in this forum that for a full coolant flush I need to undo the drain plug on the engine block somwhere on the right side of the engine. I have looked and looked but I cannot find this plug. Can someone help me with more specific clues on where the plug is.

In my on the road band-aid repair I used someBarLeaks. What is the best way to de-BarLeak the coling system. Is flushing with a lot of water sufficient

To fit the turbo-charger to sump oil return line seals, do I need to remove the turbo or can the line be lefted out of the way.


ps Finally after many months I got to repairing the climat control. I had shorted out a the mono-valve control, that resulted in a burnt out circuit board via on the push button controller.
Thanks to many helpful hints from this forum I was able to focus my diagnostic efforts to track down the problem.

I now have a controlled climat, button dash lights!!! and lots of cleaned switches.

Next efforts, ( after the radiator change ) are: the rear wiper, tach, non-intermittant cruise control and investigate a few clunking noise under server breaking and then the most disconsulant 300TD-T in CA will be proud as new.

82 300TD Turbodiesal +250, 000
86 Volvo 740 GLE 220000
85 Honda Civic 120000
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