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Originally posted by haasman
Welcome to the forum-

Regarding your questions- for the heater blower, there are lots of posts but try this one: R&R heater motor

Regarding the shifter, it sounds like your shifter bushings need to be replaced. Use the search feature using key words such as: shifter bushings 190e

The 190E 8v do not require valve adjustments, but you might want to check the entire valve train while you are in there.

Keep us posted,

You are THE MAN! Thanks! Even more incentive for repair came today. We had a flood from all the rain, my neighbors truck died coming out of his driveway(ranger), I pulled out and went on to work, the water came almost 3 inches up the(where we have a dip in our neighborhood street) and water didn't even come in! And she ran right through it! I do love that car.
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