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The 190's are amazing cars. They have incredibly ridged bodies and are very fun driving cars.

I always thought the 4-cylinders were dogs. I was so wrong. They are great running engines- Love to rev and are quite torquey. The cars have amazing brakes. Great feeling in being able to know you can place the car anywhere you want on the road.

People who have never ridden in them are always amazed at the car. It is a real pleasure to dry a 190 thats right: Shocks and suspension, engine and trans.

Have you changed your front and rear sway bar bushings? Easy to do, cheap and a great difference.

Some say a great way make the car corner flatter is to use the 16v front and rear sway bars. Front is easy, rear requires lowering the rear sub-frame with susp and differential. .... someday.

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